Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to the Alaina Whitaker Fan Blog!

Hello and welcome! You'll find all the latest news on Alaina Whitaker right here as the new American Idol season 7 begins. Hopefully Alaina will make it all the way to the show this year, in which case THIS will be the place for updates and results.

Please send in all your Alaina Whitaker media (pics, music, etc) for our multimedia section.

Also look forward to plenty of commentary regarding the new American Idol season 7.

Anyway, keep checking in. We'll update as soon as any news regarding Alaina is available.


David said...

My wife and I are both from Tulsa and we are pulling for you!

kimbryan said...

We made you pay your admission by singing us a song or two.Singing in front of the Big Idol Three is more exciting than singing in front of our local fireplace...
YOU are our American Idol!!!
We are so excited for you!

Biggestidolfan said...

You are awesome awesome! We have seen you perform many times around town- at Mayfest and lots of different , and always knew you were good enough to be on the big stages, so weren't shocked by you making it to Idol. You should win this! The talent you possess at only 16 is truly nothing short of incredible. People who think you are just a carrie imitation, have OBVIOUSLY not seen you perform and have no idea that you sing like Alaina, not Carrie..and you are unique. Not just another Carrie!
Hopefully we will all see you on the show,and then everyone will find out what you're like, and what you sound like performing other songs!
There's only one problem: does this mean we won't get to hear you anymore at the festivals here in Tulsa!!!?

Kirk said...

my roommates sister is her dance coach! SHE DID AMAZING TONIGHT!


i cnt believe you didnt make it... i wanted you to go to the end and i hate u got voted off so early... no matter wat america has said u rock, cause as we have seen before, america is deaf, and stupid, and , lazy... u deserved this... u became my favorite in your first audition, and i loved you ever since... i cnt believe ur not goin farther....i seriously screamed at the tv when u got voted off.... I voted for u both weeks.... and i swear this is why i didnt watch american idol last year... I hope u go far in the industry cause believe me u could make it far... and i would sooooooo buy a cD of yours cause ur amazing